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Today in Joystiq: September 6, 2007

Ross Miller

"Hello everyone, my name is Peter Moore. As a sign of good faith, I have trapped half of my soul inside of a video game. It's actually a new feature we're working on for future EA Sports titles. We're tentatively calling it Moore's Law." (Check out the highlights for today.)

Austin GDC: Live at the Hiromichi Tanaka keynote
Joystiq & PSPFB hands-on: PSP-2000: Part 3
Today's hottest video: the Lair 'Hot Coffee' code

New Simpsons parody section includes Mr. Sparkle
The Orange Box delayed on PS3
NBA Live 08 demo is now ... well, live
Black College Football Experience coming in November
Austin GDC: Live at the Sulka Haro keynote
Shivering Isles to get retail disc on 360 in October
Molyneux: Xbox Live 'far more impactful' than Wii waggle
White PSP Slim delayed in UK
Tabula Rasa ends six-year wait with Oct. 19 release
Morhaime talks change at Blizzard following WoW
Everquest I and II adds card game Legends of Norrath
Red Octane says Wii will have GHIII online play, no DLC initially
ESA wants Schwarzenegger to pay for legal fees
Nintendo says Metroid Dread is dead, at least as 2D
OK, Alone in the Dark PS3 is not more delayed than before
Heavenly Sword to be bundled with French PS3
Video Games Live CD coming October 15
New Street Fighter movie helmed by Doom director
No more PSP homebrew talk on Sony's forums
F.E.A.R. 2 officially dubbed 'Project Origin'
Stranglehold demo now available on US PSN

Rumors & Speculation
ONM: Mario Kart Wii supports 16 online, includes DS maps
Rumor: 23,000 Xbox Live users barred for using CoD4 exploit
Rumor: More BioShock plasmids ready to unlock

Culture & Community
Rock Band tour dates across US
BioShock gets the Zero Punctuation treatment

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