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Toshiba announces iPod classic-sized 80GB and 160GB 1.8-inch disks


Could be just a coincidence, but Toshiba just announced their new 1.8-inch, 80GB and 160GB hard disks. Right, the same size drives just announced for Apple's iPod classic line-up. Of course, Samsung announced their 160GB spinner a few weeks ago so we'll have to wait for the iSuppli teardown before making too many assumptions here. As for the details behind the 160GB MK1626GCB: 2x 80GB platters, 3,600rpm, 52MBps (66MBps for 80GB HDD) transfer rate and 15-ms mean seek time, and portable device-friendly CE-ATA interface on a mini 54 × 71 × 8-mm slab. Oh, and Tosh wants you (and the analysts) to know that they are "already shipping in samples," wink wink, nudge nudge.

[Via Impress]

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