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$299 Premium 360s at Office Depot

Dustin Burg

After digging through our inbox today we stumbled across a tip from shenlong77 who sent us an Office Depot leaked adscan (or one that is readily available to everyone, but advertises deals that start September 9th) and it features a pretty sweet Xbox 360 console deal. According to the ad, this Sunday online at they will be offering Premium Xbox 360s for only $299 after a $50 rebate. And for the sake of us being a little curious we hopped on over to their online store and looked up an Xbox 360 Premium to see if the deal was in effect right now and we're sad to say that not only are the Premiums not $299, but they are actually trying to sell them for $369! Ouchers. But hopefully our ad is right and this Sunday brings $299 Xbox 360s, money savings and world peace.

[Thanks, shenlong77]

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