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Apple's new iPods don't play nice with last-gen video accessories


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Now that all the RDF has worn off, a few of the hard facts about Apple's latest are coming to light, and one of the nasties has to do with video output. Apparently the new iPod classic and iPod nano don't get along too well with currently video docks and cables on the market -- that is to say, pretty much not at all. A select few products with the 'spensive Apple authentication chips built-in do allow you to turn on TV out, like Apple's Universal Dock, iPod Hi-Fi (which doesn't have video output anyways) and the $600 Zeppelin from Bowers and Wilkins, but if you've sprung for products such as the Memorex iFlip and Sonic Impact Video-55 in the past, you're out of luck for the time being. It seems logical to us that Apple has the ability to unlock this function for existing docks if it so chooses, but for now you can always drop a fifty on those new component cables from Apple -- and pray for a repeat in the "contrite open letter" department.

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