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Unofficial Halo 3 Epsilon player banned til year 10000? [update]


[Update: It looks like Scar was banned merely for having the epsilon. Apparently the epsilon was leaked to many more people than intended, resulting in many bannings, including Scar. You can read what is allegedly Scar's response on Xboxic here.]

Remember all the lovely Halo 3 epsilon leakage that began a few weeks ago? Many people were quick to point out that the epsilon players leaking the footage would soon find themselves banned from Xbox Live. It looks like that was definitely the case, as a person with the gamertag "Scar" can definitely attest. As you can see in the image at right, Scar has been banned for a considerable amount of time, until December 31st, 9999 to be specific. We hate to seem redundant, but that is one hell of a ban. This guy won't be playing Xbox Live until the year 10,000. Honestly, if the Xbox 360 is still around by then, we will be mightily impressed (and also probably dead).

Our condolences Scar. Hopefully you'll feel better when Halo 3 comes out and you can play some 4-player co-op on Xbox Li... ooh, sorry.

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