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Hands-on with Integra's DHS-8.8 HD DVD player

Darren Murph

Just yesterday we learned that Integra would be busting out its first HD DVD player ever, and merely hours later, we were able to go one-on-one with the relatively expensive device. Quite frankly, the DHS-8.8 is one fine looking piece, and the specs aren't anything to sneeze at either. Unfortunately, the unit wasn't even hooked up to a TV for us to check it out in action, but we were able to glean a few interesting details from an on-site representative. Turns out, Integra could be ditching prior plans to unveil a similar player for the Blu-ray crowd, and as you can probably guess, it's all because of devices such as LG's BH200 and Samsung's BD-UP5000. Apparently, Integra is now reevaluating its options and may consider launching a hybrid player next rather than one that only plays nice with Blu-ray -- and hey, that would be a-okay with us.

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