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Is this the Motorola MOTOROKR E7?

Chris Ziegler

Kinda looks like a Photoshopped E6 to us, but Chinese site ZOL is touting this bad boy as the MOTOROKR E7 with a very impressive set of specs. Like, unrealistically impressive -- especially for a phone that looks virtually indistinguishable from the far less impressive E6: VGA touchscreen, 5 megapixel cam with xenon flash, integrated GPS and WiFi, 2GB of integrated storage, HSDPA, you get the idea. If legit, the device will apparently be powered by Linux -- Moto's MOTOMAGX platform, we imagine -- the very same one that we've heard can't presently handle HSDPA speeds. So needless to say, we're skeptical here; hopeful that Moto really does have something this hot up its sleeves, yes, but until we get more confirmation, skeptical.

[Via Mobilewhack]

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