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Japanese PSN cards on sale ... at a price


Most will find purchasing anything off the Japanese PlayStation Store an impossibility. Without a Japanese address and credit card, users are locked out of purchasing anything from the country's virtual store. With many games releasing earlier in Japan, this comes as a disappointing disadvantage to gaijin hardcore.

NCSX is planning on changing that, though. They're offering pre-paid PSN cards for the masses. With these cards, players will be able to buy content off the Japanese store without any qualms. The problem? They're a bit pricey. A 3000 yen card goes for $36.50, a premium of almost $10. The retailer explains: "Our vendors in Japan don't have access to the tickets at wholesale and had to pay retail (from Family Mart, no less) and tacked on their mandatory handling charges to obtain them for us. Think of it as a videogame vigorish that's built into the price."

The orders will be delivered digitally, so customers won't have to wait to get their downloads on.

[Thanks, J! Via GameBrink]

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