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O2 UK kicks off EDGE upgrade

Chris Ziegler

Though it's commonplace in these parts, portions of the world rife in glorious UMTS and HSDPA haven't had nearly as much of a need for a duct-taped hack of an expansion to GPRS -- EDGE -- as we have. Anyhoo, O2 is just now getting around to adding EDGE to its UK towers, and while we don't know the exact reasoning, it could be indicative of an imminent iPhone launch. If Apple delivers the same 2.5G iPhone to Europe that they've delivered to the States, EDGE is going to go from a nice-to-have to a must-have real quick for buyers and carriers alike. Then again, O2 could just be doing a favor to its old-skool subscribers, too. In either case, though, faster data's always a good thing, so we're not going to bite the hand that feeds us on this one.

[Thanks, James]

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