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Palm confirms Bird, Plane, but no Centro for September 12th announcement

Chris Ziegler

Hey, everyone getting amped about the Centro -- all seven of you (and yes, there are at least a couple Engadget staffers in that tight group) -- your wait might be a little longer than expected. Contrary to previous suggestions that Palm's European announcement on the 12th of September would be for that bizarre little beast with the tiny keyboard, Palm's Stephanie Richardson has posted a brief note on the official Palm blog to let everyone know that "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's not Centro." If it's any consolation, she specifically uses the phrase "new device," so we'll apparently see something new here -- we're just back to square one trying to figure out what the heck it is. Sure ain't a Foleo!

Update: As WMExperts speculates, the Windows Mobile-based Gandolf seems like the leading candidate here, largely on account of the Vodafone-branded pictures we've seen floating around. Same polarizing styling, different platform; pick your poison!

[Thanks, Boy Genius]

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