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Rumor: Sony Ericsson planning motion-sensitive gaming phone


Though the phone company has previously stated that it's "obviously" looking into the production of a PlayStation-branded gaming phone, a new online report suggests that Sony Ericsson's future offerings may arrive sans the letters "PSP." Previously, SE's Peter Ahnegard stated that a PlayStation-branded phone would only be considered if it was "recognised as a true continuation of that brand of products."

Mobile news site, Mobile Entertainment, asserts that a phone equipped with a "games-oriented user interface" and motion-sensing technology is due to be unveiled by Sony Ericsson in February. It "will not be PSP branded," it explicitly notes. While Sony's intention to move into a market notably occupied by talkative tacos has hardly been conspicuous, details of possible configurations have been (and still are) the source of much speculation. Adding a motion-sensitive mechanic to phony games would certainly help resolve some of the perceived control issues, but would inevitably result in one too many of those tilting "get the ball into the hole" titles. And if this pans out, expect plenty of golf games too.

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