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TUAW Best of the Week


What a week for Apple fans. After a slow Labor Day, we got a huge midweek event, new iPods, and what turned out to be the week's biggest story: the iPhone is now $399.

MobileChat iPhone AIM Client Debuts
Started off the week with not one but two IM iPhone betas.

MarsEdit 2.0
Red Sweater's blogging client gets a new interface and Flickr integration

Mass-media messup: NBC doesn't get the iTunes store
Nik tells us why the peacock should leave the pricing to Apple.

Ask TUAW: External Front Row, iSight mirroring, booting from an external HD, and more
You ask, we answer, and you don't even have to pay an extra buck just to read it for 30 seconds on your iPhone.

The Beatles: whatever
Scott doesn't care if the Beatles showed up on Wednesday or not.

Metaliveblogging "The Beat Goes On" event
What's the next best thing to being in Moscone West? Reading our commentary about it.

iTunes: Free Wednesday
Featuring Dave Matthews and The Pick Up Artist (not the same person).

iPhone ringtones on the cheap
Get all of the ringtones, with none of the price.

Apple screwed you. So now what?
The most useful thing we posted all week.

Bye, bye HiFi
Apple's speakerbox gets an inconspicuous farewell.

Found Footage: Quicksilver Google Tech talk
Sure, Quicksilver's creator isn't the best public speaker, but if you're interested in UI design at all, this is a must-see.

Apple giving early iPhone buyers $100 credit
Steve gives some back. Thanks early adopter whiners!

iTunes 7.4 breaks iPhone hacks
A speedbump (albeit a very, very small one) for iPhone hackers.

Why did Apple drop the price?
We consider the reasons behind this week's biggest surprise.

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