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Two Samsung executives arrested for fraud in Thailand

Nilay Patel

Well, it's not as sexy as wrapping a Ferrari around a pole, but it's been a little quiet in the world of white-collar tech exec crime, so we'll take what we can get -- and what we've got is two Samsung executives getting arrested in Thailand for allegedly defrauding two different suppliers out of a total of $19M. Park Kwang-kee and Kim Chung-jun, Samsung's managing director and general manager in Thailand, got put in cuffs last night over what Samsung is characterizing as a "restructuring" that will "maybe [cause] some of our business partners [to] lose some benefits." Sounds like quite the disagreement, there. No word on when this is going to trial, but Samsung says it's "sure" it'll win the case -- and then the search for the real killer is on.

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