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Devil May Cry 4 gets some boxart

Nick Doerr

Boxart lately has been going downhill. They tend to be mishmashed, garbled pieces of last-minute marketing, with way too much happening on one little box to elicit anything but "this is cheesy". There are other boxarts like Warhawk that get the point across: title, clouds, airplane. Simple, direct, excellent.

The past boxarts for Devil May Cry have also been simple: generally it's Dante in a sweet pose with the title somewhere around him. That's why we're kind of disappointed at the supposed final boxart for Devil May Cry 4. It's got Nero in a cool pose and we're fine with that. But what's with the giant Dante in the background? It makes the entire thing seem a bit crowded, honestly. Not that it matters -- the game inside the case is what counts. Thoughts?

[Thanks, Cagalli!]

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