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Magellan introduces the MobileMapper CX pro GPS unit

Nilay Patel

GPS and mapping might be ubiquitous now, but all those cute little devices still need to get their data from somewhere, and Magellan's got the answer for the pro-level GIS user with their MobileMapper CX GPS. The WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled CX can interface with remote databases, connect to other units, and even browse the web, while the phone-inspired interface lets mapmakers and surveyors log data one-handed. The CX runs an open version of WinCE 5.0, which Magellan touts as being easy to develop for, and features SD expansion for those data-intensive field excursions. No word on pricing or availability, but we're certain the five of you who need this thing are already on the phone -- or driving to the nearest reseller in your crazy map-cars.

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