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Avary talks Wolfenstein movie, Blazkowicz casting

In a new interview with Ain't It Cool News, Roger Avary – the recently announced writer/director of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Oscar contender – talks about the process of adapting a video game to the big screen ("it's a bit of an uphill climb"), the character of BJ Blazkowicz ("he is not racist or an anti-Semite"), and casting the role ("all one needs to do is look at the box art on the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game and you can see who I see in my mind for the role.")

Well, we looked at that box art and, unless they're casting a lapel pin in the role of Nazi-killing machine BJ Blazkowicz, we'll assume he means the RtCW: Tides of War box art pictured above. Nevertheless, we're having a tough time seeing precisely who Avary has in mind. We've crossed our eyes; stood away from the screen; nothing. Maybe generi-tough guy Jason Statham? Or sensitive tough guy Ben Affleck? Our vote is for aging tough guy, Bruce Willis. He practically has Nazi-killer written all over him.

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