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Intel adds chips, cuts prices, kills lines


Making room for all that new speed can be difficult... just ask Intel. The chipmaker has been doing some reshuffling as of late, leaving some space in its lineup for the new Penryn CPUs we're all foaming at the mouth over. First off, Intel has added the mobile-based Core 2 Extreme X7900, plus the desktop-destined, 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo T7800 and 2GHz T7250. The company has also announced its first Core 2 Solo processors, the 1.2GHz U2200 and the 1.06GHz U2100, as well as a few new Celeron M chips, in the form of the 2GHz 550 and the 1.72GHz 530. Other odds and ends showed up, like the new ULV Celeron M 523, and the dual core, 2GHz Pentium E2180. The company also cut prices on a number of existing processors by up to 40-percent, which will either make you really happy, or really sad (depending on whether or not you bought anything). Additionally, Intel announced end-of-life news for a whole batch of CPUs, including all of the Core Solo and Duo chips, with ordering availability expected to end sometime around the 31st of December. Hit the links for all the detailed nastiness.

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