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Lenovo polls users for Linux preferences


Lenovo's current forays into Linux-based laptops haven't exactly generated the excitement that the company may have hoped, but it doesn't look like it's giving up on the idea just yet, and it's now turning to its user base for advice. In a post on the official Inside the Box blog, Lenovo's Matt Kohut admits that the company has been "spending way too much time on the enterprise market and not enough on the enthusiast market," adding that "like other vendors we're trying to figure out what our strategy should be." To that end, Kohut asked readers of the blog which Linux distribution they'd most like to see supported on ThinkPads, providing an ample number of options to choose from. As you might have guessed, as of this writing, Ubuntu is the runaway leader, with well over 12,000 votes, compared to just over 3,000 for Debian (the next highest vote-getter). From the looks of it, however, the poll is open-ended, so all those Slackware fans out there still have time to get themselves organized.

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