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Terror threat prompts prisons' console bans

Ross Miller

It looks like British prisoners will not be playing Heavenly Sword this Friday. According to UK tabloid The Sun, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS have all been banned from jail due to their abilities to to "send and receive radio signals" (the signals aren't radio waves, but we're not going to picky over terminology).

The concern is that the messaging capabilities will allow those on the inside to plan terror attacks. Said one source to the tabloid, "The technology in the new generation of computer games makes them a security risk ... There is concern that top terror suspects have been using systems already in jails. Radio software is an integral part of the equipment."

The ban could later spread to all consoles.

[Via Next-Gen]

Update: "Terrot" is a portmanteaux of "terror" and "tarot," meaning that this threat is prompted by a violent soothsayer. However, it was not our intention of granting terrorists clairvoyance, so we have changed the headline accordingly.

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