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TUAW Tip: easy TUAW login bookmarklet

Mat Lu

A lot of folks write in complaining about the login system for commenting here on TUAW. While we completely sympathize (all the TUAW contributors have to login the same way to leave comments) in this day and age of comment spam it's an unfortunate necessity. That said, computers are supposed to make things easier, right? Well in a comment to a recent post Kalessin pointed us to a super handy bookmarklet from Alex Coles that will automatically fill in your TUAW credentials for posting comments. Of course you'll have to edit the bookmarklet with your own email and password, but I've tested it and it works great in Safari and Camino. So if your browser just won't save your personal info for whatever reason, just stick this bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar, edit the credentials, and your TUAW login is always only a click away. Obviously, the same idea can be extended to other sites, as well.

Thanks Alex for this great timesaver!

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