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BioShock sets download and sales records, sequels to follow?

Dustin Burg

BioShock has been the hotness ever since it released last month and we're packing the digits and numbers to prove it. During a 2K Games investor call, 2K chairman Strauss Zelnick confirmed that BioShock has already sold 1.5 million copies worldwide, is on track to become one of the best selling games ever and that the XBLM BioShock demo has set new download records for a nine day period. Impressive, no? Zelnick then went on to plant a seed of hope stating that the BioShock franchise might adopt the Grand Theft Auto business model of having a new game release every two years. Yup, it just might be possible that we'll be harvesting (or saving) little sisters every few years for the rest of our lives ... oh joy!

It's more than obvious 2K is pleased with what Irrational 2K Boston has done with BioShock and if sequels get churned out every few years we just hope the the quality and the storylines are equally amazing as the original. Congrats 2K Boston!

[Via Joystiq]

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