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DS Daily: Romantic entanglements


We happened across this article a while back and have been thinking about it ever since. We hear -- and talk -- a lot about romance and gaming, and this piece on couples who meet in virtual worlds was intriguing. After all, Nintendo's online service is probably the only one that makes this sort of hook-up close to impossible. The other consoles have not just games with immersive worlds, but also more flexible meet-and-message systems. Heck, even the lowly PS2 plays host to Vana'diel for many FFXI players (as do other consoles).

Nintendo can certainly bring people together through a common love of something great, but it probably won't be online, at least for now. But are any of you lucky enough to have found someone who loves Nintendo as much as you do? Sure, maybe we have to meet our significant others in meatspace, but we can still share something in our mutual love of great games.

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