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Guitar Hero III coming to Mac and PC this fall

No longer content to be hooked up to your big screen HDTV and 7-channel surround sound system, Aspyr and Activision have announced that Guitar Hero III is rockin' on over to the more moderately sized screens of your Mac and/or PC this fall. We imagine legions of cubicle dwellers violating their company's IT policies, bringing their axe into work, and shredding the pain of office life away. More likely, we can imagine a portable rig on your laptop, just in case that whole Guitar Hero DS thing doesn't work out.

GameDaily spoke with Aspyr's Jay Gordon about the port, and got some burning questions answered: the game will ship simultaneously with its console counterparts; the guitar will be a USB model of the Gibson (sorry 486 gamers); and no word on how downloadable songs will be distributed but they'll share soon. And with this, the PSP remains alone, the only major gaming platform without Guitar Hero.

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