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Hearthstones and crafts

Mike Schramm

I thought we'd covered this Hearthstone jewelry before, but no-- those were Anhk earrings. Lady Kildare has posted some of her WoW crafts on WoW Ladies, and they are pretty sweet. The coasters are apparently made out of cork, and the art on there is familiar looking, but other than that, I have no idea how she put it together, and I love the way the borders look.

And the hearthstone stuff is terrific, too. Those of you who were at BlizzCon know that Blizzard gave out a little hearthstone kind of like these, but I like the look of Kildare's better. And the best part is that she's working on one with a blue LED inside, so it'll glow! Now that's cool.

For now, everything else is available (for $1 shipping "ftw") on her Etsy page. Always love to see cool WoW crafts like this.

Thanks, Jessica T!

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