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Motorola pledges turnaround, won't ride one phone into the ground again

Chris Ziegler

As the RAZR giveth, so shall it taketh away: what started out as one of the most successful cellphone lines in history -- a line that saw Moto's return to mobile dominance -- ended up being so played out with endless colors and variations that is was ultimately responsible for the company's subsequent slump, too. Ironic, yes, but it looks like the boys and girls out in Schaumburg took away an important lesson from the debacle, pledging at a recent analysts' meeting that they won't let the one-trick-pony syndrome bite again. No specific announcements were made at the meeting, but we can apparently expect the first of a wealth of new products to be unveiled "next month" (the U9, perhaps?) as CEO Ed Zander fights to keep his job and newly-installed mobile chief Stu Reed fights to make his mark. Moto still doesn't expect their handset division to be profitable until next year, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

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