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NEC's new AccuSync LCDs do HDMI


NEC has three new LCDs ready for market, the 19-inch LCD19WMGX, 22-inch LCD22WMGX, and 24-inch LCD24WMCX. There's HDCP and HDMI across the board, with 1680 x 1050 pixels on the 22-inch and 1080p resolution on the 24-incher, along with DVI plugs for boring old desktop work. Each of the new AccuSyncs runs with a 5ms response time, and there's a 1,000:1 contrast ratio on the 1440 x 900 19-inch, while the bigger two do 2,000:1. Prices are at $280 and $380 for the small ones, which are available now, while 24-inch will hit later this month for $550.

[Via Electronista]

Read - LCD19WMGX
Read - LCD22WMGX
Read - LCD24WMCX

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