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New Treo 500 pics surface showing off color schemes, back and side views


Sure, we know the actual event is only a few hours away, but can you ever really see too many pre-release photos of a new mobile phone... especially when it's this much of a let-down? That's right folks, feast your sparkling eye-socket-fillers on these new Treo 500 pictures, featuring both variations of the monochromatic, totally mediocre color-schemes that Palm has cooked up. We don't know where our friends in the Netherlands got these pics, or why the white version's keyboard is blurred out like a still from a Paris Hilton "video," but we do know some things, namely: the camera and speaker placement on the backs have changed ever-so-slightly; these phones are thinner, but not that thin; and... these designs look straight out of 1999. Look, we know you're trying guys, but you're going to have to do better than a BlackJack-aping, Windows Mobile almost-ran to win our hardened hearts back.

[Thanks, Lenny]

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