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Samsung's A737 slider for AT&T gets peeped

Chris Ziegler

If there's one manufacturer you can't fault for failing to bring 3G devices to AT&T in full force, it's gotta be Samsung. These guys go all the way back to the very beginning (remember the ZX10?) and have managed to keep a pretty steady stream of handsets in the pipe through to the present day, most recently offering up the attractive (and mighty slim, may we add) A717 and A727. That ain't all for the A7x7 series, though: as we'd mentioned before, there's an A737 in the pipe; since the series already has a flip and a candybar, this one's unsurprisingly a slider. phoneArena's scored an alleged shot of the phone, and although it appears to be a touch thicker than its siblings, that little indiscretion is made good for with an unapologetic red / black color scheme, a QVGA display (so we're told), and very likely HSDPA. No word on an exact release date for this sucker just yet.

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