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Weblogs, Inc profiles live on WoW Insider (and more to come)

Mike Schramm

As reader Addie noticed in a tip to us (thanks!), commenter profiles are now live on WoW Insider. You can now click on your name (or any other commenter's name) after you've posted a comment, and see a list of all the comments you've ever made on any of our Weblogs, Inc. sites. You can also edit your profile-- there's not much there at the moment, but you can put in a URL if you'd like, or upload a picture.

Eventually (and like Blizzard, we probably won't be giving out a release date on this), we're aiming to put together a system much like the one our flagship site Joystiq has, with user pictures, moderated comments, pretty pink ponies, and rainbow sugar drops. I can't tell you much (mostly because I don't know much), but I can tell you to expect changes, hopefully coming sooner rather than later. And if you've got suggestions, feel free to share them, now or anytime. We can't promise we'll do exactly what you ask, but we do promise to listen to everything you say to us.

And no matter what else we implement here, we'll continue to provide you with great daily content about the World of Warcraft. Thanks very much for reading, and stay tuned-- we're doing everything we can to make the site better every day.

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