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Apple releases Logic Studio and Logic Express 8

Nik Fletcher

With the Apple Store back up, it seems that it wasn't merely maintenance this morning, as the store now bears new versions of Apple's professional music software, Logic Pro 8 (now 'Logic Studio'). Logic Studio's new features include:

  • A new single-window interface (similar to Apertures)
  • Improved editing
  • Sountrack Pro 2.0 in the box
  • The ability to " your key commands, channel strip settings and plug-in settings to your .Mac account for easy backup, sharing, and portability".
Logic buffs will no doubt want to check out the technical specs of the new version, which can be found here, along with the new features page. Logic Studio will set you back $499US, with upgrades starting at $199US.

Logic Express, the little brother to the studio suite, also received an upgrade to version 8, with the baby brother $199US version taking many of the new features in the Pro version including "...full notation, 24-bit/192kHz resolution, and Quick Swipe comping". Previous versions of Logic Express can upgrade for $99.

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