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Hot Shots Golf Portable 2 hits Japan this December

Colin Torretta

According to the guys at NeoGaf, Famitsu has announced that PSP gamers in Japan will be getting the first true sequel to Minna no Golf Portable (Hot Shots Golf) this December. The first game, released during the launch of the PSP in 2004 became one of the top sellers for the handheld and fans have been eagerly awaiting word of a sequel.

Minna no Golf Portable 2 sounds like it's adding a ton to the series, including 16 player (!) infrastructure support, 20 characters, 12 courses and a massive host of customization options for your avatar. While it's unlikely that this title will propel the PSP to the top of the weekly hardware sales chart, Japan loves themselves some Hot Shots Golf so it will most certainly sell a crap load of PSPs. No word on an American release yet, but you can pretty safely assume a spring 2008 release over here.

[Thanks Joe!]

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