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The continuing quest for a data-only iPhone

Every now and then I check back in with AT&T to see whether they've launched a data-only plan that I can use with my iPhone. The word from AT&T is always that plans are phone specific. As far as they're concerned you must purchase a plan that was designed for a particular phone. Thus, the Blackberry $45/month data-only plan cannot be offered for the iPhone.

What I'm particularly interested in are two data plans: SmartPhone Max ($30/month, unlimited data, 1500 SMS) and MediaNet Unlimited ($20/month, unlimited data, no SMS). AT&T reps say they cannot offer these plans without voice (the cheapest voice plan is $40) and that even if they did, they must be matched to certain phones, like the Nokia 61024.

I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to disable voice and I'd love to be able to do so without canceling my data--at least for a while.

I know that some TUAW readers have succeeded in using their non-iPhone SIMS with existing AT&T accounts in their iPhones. Do any of you have data-only plans? And if so, how much are you paying?

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