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First American Neo Geo VC releases: fighters only


SNK Playmore USA sent out a press release informing us that three Neo Geo games will be available on the U.S. Virtual Console at some unspecified future date. Two of the three, Fatal Fury and World Heroes, are also slated to be among the first three Japanese Neo Geo titles on the Virtual Console. The third game, however, is not Magician Lord as it is in Japan, but Art of Fighting.

Of course, most SNK fans are fighting game fans, so it does make some sense to swap out the side-scrolling action game for another of the Neo's classic fighters; however, we kind of enjoy variety. We are also a little disappointed that two of the available games can be found on inexpensive anthology discs on another system (we're also disappointed that VC Art of Fighting pretty much kills the possibility of a Wii release of its Anthology). Why not something like Waku Waku 7, that isn't currently available on a collection disc? Or how about a non-fighting game?

Don't mistake our lack of enthusiasm for these particular games for lack of appreciation of Neo Geo VC games. We will totally be dropping multiples of 900 Wii Points for Neo Geo games, and doing so with big smiles. Just not these three games.

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