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Steambot Chronicles sequel to resurface at TGS

Nick Doerr

The original Steambot Chronicles, known as Bumpy Trot in Japan, wasn't perfect. In fact, it was relatively far from perfect, but it delivered some fun sandbox-y robot RPG fun. The sequel to the game, aptly titled Bumpy Trot 2, was first announced at last year's Tokyo Game Show. This year, it's resurfacing after an entire year of zero information to show off what it has become. From the official website, it looks like it's adopting a similar style to Sega's Valkyrie of the Battlefield. Sega has a more stylish approach, but Bumpy Trot 2 looks like it's a hybrid of anime-style graphics and cel shading. Of course, our eyes could just be crazy groggy.

Since we can't read Japanese very well, we can't tell you if the game is going to show up in video or playable form, but we can tell you Irem is still in the driver's seat and if the title makes its way to America, it'll probably be thanks to everybody's favorite "let's make a game rare by releasing four copies, total" company, Atlus. One thing that's clear, though, is the platform for the game: PlayStation 3. It seems Japanese developers are finally coming out of their shells and cracking away at the PS3. It's about time! We'll tell you more after we see the game at TGS.

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