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Vodafone talks up Samsung F700, plays down 3G-less iPhone

Chris Ziegler

Vodafone's pretty proud of the fact that it has landed an exclusive agreement to offer arguably the most desirable product presently sitting in Samsung's lineup -- the be-all, end-all Ultra Smart F700 -- and it's not afraid to flaunt the fact. Addressing media this week, the carrier's talking up its blockbuster holiday offering (of which the F700's arguably the flagship) and taking emphasis off the iPhone, which seems to be about the only freaking device left off Voda's 25-plus handset launch schedule at this point. Echoing sentiments voiced by Nokia shortly after the iPhone's announcement, Vodafone exec Jens Schulte-Bokum points out that they "believe [3G] is necessary to deliver a compelling music and Internet experience," a feature conspicuously missing from Cupertino's version one. He goes on to say that the iPhone initially "won't support 3G," though it's not clear whether he's referring to the device that's already out or the one that'll be launching in Europe any day (or week or month) now. Of course, he says they "like the iPhone" in the same breath, so we certainly wouldn't rule out carrier involvement here -- but for the moment, the F700's their baby.

[Thanks, Jon L.]

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