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comiXology releases MobileSafari interface for comic browsing


Macenstein has posted about a cool feature from comiXology for us comic book geeks out there. They're created an iPhone MobileSafari (have to remember that the Touch is out there now) interface for their database of the latest comic book releases. It looks great, allows users to browse both the current and following week's releases in a touchscreen-specific interface. It also displays summaries and cover art for every book on the list. It's like browsing a comic store without actually being there (unless you are actually in a comic store while you use it-- in which case, whoa, I'd have to sit down for a while, that's heavy).

While we're at it, I'm currently poking around for comic book collection software for the Mac (the folks are selling their house, and they asked me to clear the old collection out of their closet). So far, it seems like Comics 2 is the pick of the litter. Does anyone want to share a good tip on an app that will help me organize the few boxes of books I've got? I would love if Delicious Library did it, but while I'm sure it could handle my graphic novels, I doubt it would be able to do individual issues. Anyone have a recommendation?

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