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HTC to soldier on with Qualcomm chips

Chris Ziegler

Apart from Verizon, it seems that carriers and manufacturers alike have kept a pretty steady stance on Qualcomm's far-from-over spat with Broadcom -- and in light of the most recent ruling allowing Qualcomm customers to ship products containing its chips, that stance may be paying off. HTC is the latest major manufacturer to reaffirm its relationship with the chip maker and patent holder extraordinaire, saying that it intends to release ten new models sporting Qualcomm innards by year's end. Big man Peter Chou himself chimed in on the issue, proclaiming "we are pleased to have a close strategic relationship with Qualcomm and look forward to bringing continued industry-changing devices to market." 'Course, you won't be bringing those industry-changing devices to the US if the court system ultimately rules against your bedfellow, Peter. Just thought you should know.

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