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iPod Touch (does not) require iTunes account to use


If you're planning to run out and grab an iPod Touch from an Apple Store this weekend (they're on sale there now, doncha know), Deep Thought has an important tip before you go. Before you even get chance one to use your new gadget, you'll have to make an iTunes account you won't need one-- see Update below.

Of course it's not that surprising when you think about it (since you'll need an account for the WiFi store for sure), but an account just to use the iPod Touch? A little strange, no? The Touch might not have a contract like the iPhone, but clearly Apple wants you to check in on the signup form before you get to play with your new iPod.

Update: Well, maybe not. Our beloved commenters say this is just plain not true. When setting up the Touch, you can apparently skip making the account, and while obviously you need it for the WiFi store, you don't need it to just use the iPod. Thanks, guys!

Update2: DT has posted a retraction as well. In his defense, as I said in the comments, the original statement that said an account was required came directly from an Apple PDF. Not all of us have the resources or the cash to buy or use one of these things as soon as they're released, but all of us are committed to letting you know about any pitfalls before you spend your hard-earned money on one. If you are planning on buying a Touch, enjoy it, account or not.

[via MacBytes]

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