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    LG's KU990 "Viewty" reviewed, loved


    CNET UK's Andrew Lim had a bit of one on one time with LG's sexiest -- yeah, you know we're talking about the KU990 -- and rolled those thoughts into a fairly positive 4-page writeup. The 5 megapixel camera gets top marks -- compares well with Nokia N95, for example -- with a bevy of adjustable settings such as ISO, white balance, image quality, and so on. The high speed video recording can capture at 120 framer per second allows for fun slow motion effects and upload and download of said vids directly from Youtube. The Viewty (we're really having a tough time warming up to that name) also packs other goodies such as a slideshow viewer that shows the "flickable" images scattered on your screen and a web browser that supports full web page viewing a-la Microsoft DeepFish. Seems LG deserves a big sparkly unicorn sticker for this one, as long as the touch screen's quality overhauls its older sibling, the Prada, we're about sold.

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