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New Line to delay HD DVD release, due to lack of region coding

Ben Drawbaugh

We've heard of Blu-ray titles being delayed due to Blu-ray's immature interactive layer, but this is the first we've heard of a studio delaying an HD DVD release because of region coding. Like DVDs, Blu-ray discs are coding to only play in specific regions of the world, and while Blu-ray titles are less restrictive than DVD, there are still restrictions. HD DVD fans have touted the lack of region coding on their format as an advantage, because they can order many Blu-ray exclusive titles for HD DVD from High shipping prices aside, this is a great way for devout HD DVD fans to enjoy titles they'd otherwise be required to go blu to get. It appears now, that the lack of region coding on HD DVD isn't all good, 'cause while Blu-ray fans will get to enjoy Hairspray day and date with DVD on Nov. 20th, HD DVD fans will have to wait till the first half of 2008.

[Via FormatWarCentral]

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