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Save the date and call for space: Engadget reader meetups coming to New York, San Francisco, Tokyo

Ryan Block, @ryan

Engadget fans! We know it's been a solid year since our last meetup (Boston, you rock!) so we figured it was time to add some dates to the October 2007 Engadget reader meetup world tour.

We're also on the lookout for an event space to host our events in all three towns, so if you have a spot you'd like to lend us (or know of a good one we should hold our event at) hit is up at event at engadget dawt com. Please bear in mind, we're expecting 500 - 1000 people at our SF and NY events, and will also need room for the companies we invite to show off their wares. We'll be sure to show your space / business some love on Engadget if we wind up hosting our event there.

Readers! Here are the event dates we're looking at:
Tokyo - either September 22nd or October 4th (unconfirmed, tentative)
San Francisco - October 10th (confirmed)
New York - October 30th (unconfirmed, tentative)

We'd also like to thank the premium event sponsor of our San Francisco event, the Bluetooth SIG.

Relive the good times
New York (2005)
Washington DC (2005)
San Francisco (2005)
Seattle (2005)
Boston (2006)
Mini-meetups: Amsterdam (2006), Merced (2006), Hong Kong (2006)

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