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Thrustmaster's new classic controller lacks wires, point

Kyle Orland

Readers with good memories probably remember our annoyance at having a dangling remote and wire sitting on our lap when using the Wii's classic controller. So you'd probably think we're psyched about Thrustmaster's recently-announced wireless classic controller. But we're not.

For one, Nyko's classic controller grip pretty already solves the problem elegantly for less than half the price of Thrustmaster's $18 controller.

Secondly, this thing is a monstrosity, with ugly aqua blue rubber on the grips and analog sticks and a bloated design that reminds us of the PS3's scrapped boomerang controller.

Finally, the thing is really just a wireless GameCube controller with a modified button layout. Besides meaning less-than-perfect compatibility, this also means the unit requires an ugly dongle that hangs down from one of the GameCube slots on your Wii. At that point you might as well just go with the better-designed WaveBird, or just make your own solution. In either case, you can probably just skip this cash-in accessory.

[Via WiiFanboy]

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