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TurboGrafx-CD games coming to Japanese Wii VC

Kyle Orland

Remember when CD technology was the future of gaming, and only the most expensive, cutting-edge systems could handle the awesome power of the laser? Now, even the cheapest, least powerful system on the market can easily emulate these classic games, as will be proven by the imminent release of Turbo-Grafx CD titles Ys I & II and Chou Aniki on the Japanese Virtual Console for 800 Wii points.

While we're excited that the Virtual Console is expanding into the world of optical media (note to Sega: We would not be adverse to a downloadable Sonic CD) So, we have to wonder how the system will handle the larger of these games. After all, a filled-to-capacity CD-ROM can easily dwarf the Wii's puny 512MB of on-board memory, and all those orchestral scores and spoken-word introductions aren't small. Then again, the games that ended up filling discs back in those days were mostly FMV crap, so maybe it's no great loss.

[Update: Edited headline to note the story is about the Japanese VC only]

[Via PalGN]

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