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Universe At War to set the bar for console RTS


We haven't been keeping close tabs on Universe at War, but we're starting to think we should. Loads of new gameplay videos have been released this week, and Joystiq got some interesting info from the developers at Petroglyph. It was revealed earlier this summer that Universe at War would feature cross-platform play between Xbox 360 and PC, which understandably raises the hackles of any self-respecting gamer. Cross-platform play on an FPS is questionable, but an RTS? Downright impossible, right? Not so according to Petroglyph. According to the devs, UAW "is going to be the act to follow when it comes to RTS interface and control." We hope that's true, because the gameplay videos (embedded after the break) look very impressive. We particularly like the Novus and their ability to travel along power lines. Check out the videos and hope that the controls really do live up to Petroglyph's words.


The lithe and deadly Masari

The powerful Hierarchy

The quick and organized Novus

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