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Is AMD readying three-core processors?


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According to reports that have been slowly making their way through the chip manufacturing community, everyone's favorite underdog, AMD, is planning on launching a new line of three-core processors sometime in the near future. Sure, it sounds weird, but apparently the technique for creating a triple-core CPU is akin to "switching off" one core in a four-sided chip, and the process can yield significant speed enhancements while keeping costs reasonable. Reports speculate that the three-core model could happen partially due to the need to salvage bad four-core chips, but also because the triple-core concept is easy to market, and resistance from Intel will be low. Word on the street is that the new chips will appear on the consumer side to begin with, and might migrate over to the enterprise / server domain if there's sufficient movement on sales. Browse on over to the read link and feast your eyes on a succulent sea of technical mumbo-jumbo.

[Via Techmeme]

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