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Warning: Stay safe and avoid Halo 3 spoilers

Dustin Burg

With less than nine days to go until Halo 3's launch goes down (the largest in Xbox 360 history), the excitement and craziness surrounding the game is at an all time high. And when you get an unnatural combination of craziness and excitement you unfortunately are exposed to the evil known as spoilers. Yes sir, spoilers.

We just wanted to warn you that these next few days leading up to launch, Halo 3 campaign information, spoilers and details will be hitting the internet and are already infesting the waters. With copies of the game already in retail employees' hands and the media getting review time with the game, it's inevitable that story bits will be leaked online. Heck, you can do a little Googling or digging right now and find videos, transcripts, pictures and more all trying to spoil the campaign and our Halo 3 fun. And no, we're not saying that you can't look that stuff up if that's what you're all about, by all means go ahead. But for us who want our Halo 3 experience untarnished, our campaign to be pure and September 25th to be the date to which we countdown then we must tread the internets with care. Halo 3 spoilers are all over, so be careful kids and your heart shouldn't get broken (unless you're name is Amy, then sorry Amy ... it just wasn't meant to be).

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