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CNBC HD won't be HD

Ben Drawbaugh

That's right, it's hard to believe, but when CNBC HD goes live soon there won't be any HD video. We're already used to on-location and other segments being upconverted on our local HD news, but even they've invested enough to produce at least the studio shots in HD. It's not all bad though, as they're going to upconvert the same 4:3 image from the regular version of CNBC, put it in a window and then use the rest of the space for HD graphics, tickers etc. We think this is a good use of the wider HD frame, and if they do it right, we can see this taking advantage of HD in a very unique way that may turn out a success. That being said, not doing any HD on a so called HD channel is really lame.

[Via AVSForum]

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