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MTV drops new Multiplayer blog (plus BioShock Vs. Mode)

Everyone here knows we're big fans of MTV's excellent Multiplayer blog. Up until now, what that really meant was that we were fans of MTV News' gaming reporter Stephen Totilo who, until today, ran Multiplayer as a one-man show. From here on out, the Multiplayer blog has been expanded by rolling up MTV's other video game blog GameDrop (yeah, they had two). So that means new design (we like!), new writers (we're not sure yet), and of course, new content from Totilo.

First, a new Vs. Mode with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal where the two veteran writers discuss the fall's first blockbuster first-person shooters: BioShock and Metroid Prime 3. The first installment expounds some 4500 words on BioShock, with Totilo and Croal both praising the shooter-from-the-deep for its atmosphere, sizing up the world of Rapture to other notable video game settings (is it uniquely memorable?).

Also included in Multiplayer's pseudo-inaugural outing is the below embedded video detailing precisely how to pronounce Ubisoft. "Is it YOO-be-soft? Or OO-be-soft?" We won't give the answer away (we'll leave that to Ubisoft's own), but we do want to take this opportunity to say "nyah nyah nyah" to everyone that ever pronounced it wrong. Ever.

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