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UMD claimed a waste of money, time and investment

Nick Doerr

David Perry thinks so, at least. The founder of Shiny and operator of came out and told the world what he would do if he were in charge of the PSP. To start, he said, "they really need to bring out the PSP 3.0 and start again and try to get a lot of units out by reducing the manufacturing costs, by taking out all the motors and drives and stuff they have in there." This would make the system slimmer still and drive developers to make games for it, he believes.

Perry thinks if the PSP turned into a download-only handheld, current PSP owners would only have to register their game with a iTunes-like service, to prove they own it, and bam! instant success. We think a download-only handheld would be pretty sweet, but Perry thinks that retailers hinder this progressive thinking. "The truth is, the stores will not carry PSPs unless they feel they are going to get a piece of the action on the back end. And Sony has not come up with an innovative business model that can support that concept." Who knows, maybe we can get some kind of "download station" at retailers in the next decade or so and just bring our systems in for purchases. It's a neat way of thinking, but really, you could say the same thing for the DS. What do you guys think? Would the PSP 3.0 be well-received if it were a download-only handheld?

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