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Zombie Massacre would be rad if it was made

Eric Caoili

You already know that we heart zombies, tithing a portion of our annual income to fund the experiments of mad scientists in the hopes that one of their deranged plots will eventually bring about the rise of the undead. Until that day comes, we'll have to settle for monster-themed video games.

Of all the zombie games that've been announced for the Wii, which admittedly are very few, Zombie Massacre definitely has the best concept. Up to four players will be able to hop into a 1950s convertible, driving and shooting their way to the heart of a city to deliver a ticking nuclear bomb. Along the way, you'll pick up various people who can provide health, serve as "human shields," or give you access to special weapons.

Here's the catch, as well as the reason why we don't have any screenshots or videos to help hype the title -- 1988 Games, the developer that dreamed up Zombie Massacre, hasn't actually started development on the game and doesn't yet have a publisher on-board. We normally steer clear of these budding projects until there's more to present, but our posting about it will hopefully show potential publishers that there is some interest for the game. Also, after seeing 1988 Games' website and hearing "Take on Me" embedded on the studio's "About Us" page, we can't help but support the developer.

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